Word of Mouth Caterers pride themselves on using, as the heart and soul of their authentic Italian cooking, only fresh, high quality foods in preparing our unique Gastronomic dishes.

The suggested Buffets and Menus on our website, we believe, you will find to be not only beautifully displayed and prepared to perfection, but also very popular and successful in any type of party you are planning.

However, we at Word of Mouth pride ourselves in our creativity and are flexible in interchanging or completely re-creating foods and menus to fit any of your occasions. Change a sauce, add an entree, create your own distinct and memorable menu.  

We at Word of Mouth know instinctively how to compose a perfectly balanced meal. This innate ability to bring together foods that compliment each other comes from our extreme love for what we do. The art of combining dishes harmoniously to form a meal is known as the "Menu". We invite you to become a lover of Gastronomy, like us, and enjoy our collection of wonderful dishes with your family and friends, for the shared pleasure of good food and good company must, and always will be, counted as one of the most enriching aspects of Gastronomy.

Chef, Marc Budinich

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Call 201-333-1476 or email us at staff@womcatering.com


Open 7 days-a-week! 

Gift Certificates are also available.

Gift Cert

"Many thanks for the food you prepared for our visit to New Jersey. Everyone was quite pleased with the service as well as the cuisine, we look forward to doing business with you in the future".

- The White House -

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